Acumatica Adds Service Partner Designation to Partner Program

Acumatica announced a new Service Partner designation which appears to apply to partner program members who consult on Acumatica but do not necessarily reseller the accounting solution.

From the 10/10/2022 press release:

Services Partners Join Cloud ERP Company’s Roster of VARs and ISVs

The new program will enable Services Partners to help Acumatica customers implement and apply their ERP software to their greatest advantage by providing expert configuration, development, and technical consultations and customizations. These implementation specialists will work with and enhance the ongoing efforts of Acumatica’s VARs and ISVs. They will also be able to refer new leads back to authorized Acumatica VARs through Acumatica’s partner referral program.

Services Partners will be considered “industry authorized” after completing two successful implementations of an Acumatica Cloud ERP industry edition, a designation that authenticates their technical knowledge and capabilities when implementing each of Acumatica’s Editions.

Acumatica posted this announcement to their LinkedIn page.

ELI5 (Explain It Like I’m 5)

Not all resellers of Acumatica may have the skills to implement into certain niches. Having a service partner option provides a track for companies or independent consultants to build their skills in Acumatica by joining a structure channel program yet not be beholden to quarterly and annual product sales goals.

Many other ERP publishers have similar program under different names. These programs, once launched, frequently don’t garner much additional attention since the program members aren’t typically involved with selling or renewing customer licenses.

Acumatica, like almost all other ERP publishers, will likely collect an annual recurring fee from these new Service Partners and in return the partner receives an ability publicize their membership in the program.