Sage Sets June 23, 2021 Birthday Celebration

Sage Group PLC was founded by David Goldman, Paul Muller and Graham Wyllie in 1981 in Newcastle UK. It was born out of a need for automated accounting as described in Wikipedia:

A student at Newcastle University, Graham Wylie, took a summer job with an accountancy firm funded by a government small business grant to write software to help their record keeping. This became the basis for Sage Line 50. Next, hired by David Goldman to write some estimating software for his printing company, Campbell Graphics, Graham used the same accounting software to produce the first version of Sage Accounts. David was so impressed that he hired Graham and academic Paul Muller to form Sage, selling their software first to printing companies, and then to a wider market through a network of resellers.


According to an email sent to channel partners, Sage has scheduled two online meetings on June 23 where they will “look back at our legacy of people-led technology-driven innovation, celebrate the business we are today, and share a sneak peek of what comes next”.

Information on the online location is to be sent in a separate email.