Oracle and Microsoft’s AI Collaboration: A Game-Changer in Cloud Computing

In a surprising twist in the tech world, two giants, Oracle and Microsoft, have come together in a groundbreaking collaboration. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Spotlight Event: A rare joint appearance saw Oracle’s CTO, Larry Ellison, stepping into Microsoft’s Redmond base for the first time, while Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, reminisced about the early days of Windows NT and Oracle’s crucial role.
  • The Big Reveal:
    • The tech titans unveiled the Oracle Database@Azure. Think of it as a bridge connecting Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to Microsoft Azure data centers.
    • With this, Microsoft has carved a niche for itself, becoming the only cloud provider outside Oracle to offer Oracle’s services.
  • Why Oracle is Buzzing:
    • This alliance is Oracle’s answer to the age-old problem of data being trapped between the cloud and on-site servers.
    • Ellison dropped hints about the future, suggesting a massive shift of data from on-premise setups to the cloud, with Oracle databases leading the charge.
  • Microsoft’s Winning Streak:
    • This isn’t just a partnership for Microsoft; it’s a strategic move. It’s about helping more users embrace the cloud and tap into the potential of AI.
    • With a head start in the generative AI race (thanks to backing from OpenAI), Microsoft is set to leverage Oracle Database@Azure to boost Azure OpenAI capabilities.
  • Quick Takes:
    • This collaboration promises to iron out kinks like fragmented management seen in multicloud setups.
    • It’s not just about databases; the partnership extends to a range of Oracle services, from Exadata Database to Real Application Clusters (RAC).
    • Given the past rivalry between the two (remember the TikTok tech provider face-off?), this collaboration marks a new era of tech partnerships.

Source: CRN: Microsoft CEO Nadella Calls Joint Oracle Offering A ‘Profound’ Moment For AI