Avalara and Oracle NetSuite Expand Partnership to Offer Integrated E-Invoicing Solutions

There is news today from Suiteworld Las Vegas around e-invoicing, Avalara has announced an expansion of its existing partnership with Oracle NetSuite. The collaboration aims to offer an integrated solution combining Avalara’s e-invoicing capabilities with Oracle NetSuite’s comprehensive cloud-based business management software.

What’s New?

Avalara and Oracle NetSuite have previously collaborated on tax automation solutions, and this enhanced partnership takes it a step further. It integrates Avalara’s e-invoicing functionalities into Oracle NetSuite’s platform to seamlessly help businesses comply with international invoicing regulations.

Why It’s Important

In today’s global business environment, complying with various international e-invoicing regulations has become increasingly challenging for companies. This enhanced collaboration aims to simplify that process, allowing businesses to meet diverse regulatory requirements more efficiently.

Key Features

The integration allows users of Oracle NetSuite to leverage Avalara’s expertise in global e-invoicing directly within their existing platform. This integration offers a more unified approach for businesses that have been managing multiple solutions to ensure compliance.

Benefits for Businesses

  1. Efficiency: The integrated platform can help reduce manual errors and streamline operations.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness: A unified solution can help businesses save on the cost of maintaining multiple systems.
  3. Global Compliance: The partnership simplifies the process of adhering to international invoicing regulations, thereby facilitating global business expansion.


The extended partnership between Avalara and Oracle NetSuite presents a promising avenue for businesses seeking efficient, integrated e-invoicing solutions. While it remains to be seen how impactful this collaboration will be in the long term, it offers a compelling proposition for businesses aiming to simplify their e-invoicing processes.

For further details, the official press release can be accessed here.