Sage Cancels Partner Summit for 2024

Sage has emailed their partner channel with an updated events strategy for 2024. According to the email, Sage will not host a Partner Summit event in 2024. Instead, a new “event series is under development to bring together our partner and customer communities with plans to kick off in Fall 2024 (aligning with the new fiscal year). As a result, we will not be hosting a Sage Partner Summit event in 2024.”

The last Sage Partner Summit was in Las Vegas May 22-24, 2023, and attracted 1,200+ partners. Sage development partner Greytrix has a great wrap-up of that event here.

Still scheduled is Sage Transform, which will continue – at least for 2024 – as a Sage Intacct conference for partners and customers. This year’s event is scheduled for February 26-29, 2024, in Las Vegas.

Sage previously hosted a Sage Summit event, which included partners, customers, and virtually all product lines. The last scheduled Sage Summit was in 2020 but was canceled due to the pandemic. Since then, the company has focused on partner-only or Sage Intacct events.

Before the 2020 cancellation, the last Sage Summit – with both customers and partners – were regional events held in Atlanta, GA (May 2019) and San Diego, CA (February 2019).

Previously, Sage spoke about potentially bringing their complete solutions to a customer and partner event, though that never seemed to materialize.

It’s unknown what the name of this new event might be or which products will be featured. For more information, Sage suggests checking in with their events page here.