Acumatica Details Principles of Innovation Announced At Summit 2024

Acumatica announced new principles of innovation at Summit 2024. Chief Product Officer Ali Jani indicated that the specific details of these principles would be released in the weeks following the event.

In a move seemingly timed to Sage’s unveiling of their Sage Copilot AI tool, Acumatica has officially released details on their newly announced principles of innovation.

Acumatica’s Principles of Innovation are essentially (read the full version here):

The company prioritizes innovation, both in its rich history and in its ongoing product development. While embracing new technologies, Acumatica remains grounded in the real-world needs of its customers. This is especially important as the company navigates the potential of artificial intelligence (AI). Acumatica’s AI development will adhere to the following key principles:

  • Responsible: Prioritizing customer data security and privacy with rigorous safeguards.
  • Practical: Focusing on AI features that are easy to use, transparent, and address specific user needs.
  • Valuable:┬áDeveloping AI capabilities driven by customer input, focused on clear business benefits like revenue growth, cost savings, and improved customer service.

Acumatica Principles of Innovation: Delivering Innovative Technology and Building Trust