Slalom Consulting Announces Layoffs Affecting 7% of Global Workforce

In a recent development, Slalom Consulting, a Seattle-based IT consultancy firm, has announced its decision to lay off approximately 7% of its global workforce. This decision comes as a result of the company’s restructuring efforts to adapt to significant industry shifts and to better position itself for the future. Brad Jackson, the CEO of Slalom Consulting, shared this news in a LinkedIn post, emphasizing the difficulty of the decision and the extensive deliberations that led to it.

The company, known for its expertise in cloud architecture, DevOps, security, product engineering, and AI, collaborates with major tech giants like Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft. The layoffs will impact over 900 of the company’s 13,000 employees worldwide. However, specific details regarding which of the company’s 35 U.S. and 15 international offices will be affected by these layoffs have not been disclosed.

Slalom Consulting’s website indicates they have been involved with over 4,500 Salesforce projects, resulting in over 1,200 Salesforce customers.

Several employees affected by the layoffs have expressed their gratitude for their time at Slalom and the opportunities they received. They shared their experiences and future aspirations on LinkedIn, reflecting on their journey with the company and the unexpected turn of events.

Source – CRN.