Acumatica Transitioning Property Management and Point of Sale Solutions to ISV Partners Sprinterra and Heuristyc

From Acumatica’s August 29, 2023 press release:

Today, Acumatica is announcing that we are transitioning our property management and point-of-sale solutions to our ISV partners Sprinterra and Heuristyc, respectively. Together with these partners, we will continue to offer the best property management and point-of-sale solutions on the market.

Acumatica acquired its property management solution from IBS Imperium in January 2022. The Point-of-Sale solution was acquired from IIG in September 2020.

The press release mentions the “strategic decision to partner with Sprinterra reflects Acumatica’s commitment to the construction and real estate markets, as we focus resources on accelerating innovation, designing technological advancements, and driving future growth opportunities for businesses in these sectors.”