Sage Reports Year End 2023 Earnings

Sage Group PLC today reported FY23 earnings for the year-end September 30, 2023 which saw cloud native organic revenues rise 30% and underlying total organic revenues rise 10%.

Summarized results from today’s earnings report:

Sage operates within three regions – North America, comprising the US, Sage Intacct and Canada; UKIA, comprising Northern Europe (UK & Ireland) and Africa & APAC; and Europe, comprising France, Central Europe and Iberia.

Results from North America continue to show the most rapid growth, led largely by Sage Intacct

Sage is also continuing to build their Sage Network which they now refer to as their platform. The Sage Network is a set of products and services which connect to Sage solutions. In essence, this is similar to an app store for accounting with Sage taking a slice of each transaction that runs through Sage Network.

The full Sage 2023 financial results release is available here.